Parenting With a Mental Illness

                     Dr. Paul Martin, D.O.
                  27th of September 2019
        (Sponsored by Northampton County Medical Alliance)

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 Now that summer is here, please be sure not to leave your children or your pets alone in your car.  The summer sun can turn your car into an oven in minutes!
   And also.... think water safety!
    The sad truth about drowning is every kid is at risk — even if they know how to swim. Young children can drown silently in as little as 25 seconds, even in the shallow end, or in the baby pool; Most children drown because their parents turn their head for just a second or have no idea that their child is even near the water.

gnore your phone.                                                                                                                Just the short amount of time it takes to check a text message is enough time for your child to disappear from view and disappear in the water. Consider stowing your phone our of reach to decrease temptation to use it.
safe swim
  CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION should be THE HALLMARK of any society that has compassion.
           Parents with strong parenting skills tend NOT to abuse.
          Parenting classes last a lifetime.

     Project Child's mission is education of children through our Learning to Care curriculum; educating parents with our evidence-based Nurturing Parents curriculm and our Parent Tree Support Group; providing child safety and parenting tips to the community; educating professionals who help children who have been abused; and much more.

   Please take a moment to donate to Project Child and help us to improve the lives of families. Your donation stays in our community and will ensure that the programs of Project Child continue. You can make the difference in helping us provide education and information to make children feel safe and secure in their homes, and the world a safer place for them and for all of us.

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Project Child provides:
--Public Education
--Professional Development
--Parent Education
--Parent Support
--Legislative Advocacy, and
--Specialized Programs and Initiatives to prevent child abuse and neglect and promote positive parenting practices
      * Darkness 2 Light trainings available for prevention of child sexual abuse
     * Child Safety Initiatives
      * Opportunity Management: To help keep your children safe from sexual abuse

Project Child is a program of Valley Youth House.