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The news has been flooded with stories about sexual and physical abuse of children.  These stories are hard to listen to or to read, and sometimes it is just easier to tune them out or pass over them because it is so hard to imagine the abuse that is being inflicted on children in our community.
   No child should have to grow up living in fear.   As a community, we need to do something and you can help.

Ingrid: “I didn’t want to parent like my parents did.  I wanted something better for my children, and I realized I needed help.”  After she received her certificate of completion she wrote: “I was able to apply the techniques I learned to communicate better, and that yelling and spanking were not appropriate ways to discipline.”
             Jeremy: “I started this class thinking that I knew everything.  I now understand how to grow as a parent and how to be there for my children.” 
             An attendee from one of our trainings: “It’s natural to become jaded in this field, but we should not lose perspective.  Every child and every situation needs to be treated in a way that is best for those individuals.”
             Marcie, our facilitator for The Parent Tree:It is so significant how many return to the group month after month.  I think it is because it is one of the few times they can get free of their kids and talk intelligently with other adults. They are also all dedicated to being good parents. ‘Ana’ is astounding. When she started coming, well over a year ago, she was withdrawn and barely spoke. I thought she might even be hostile. Now, I hear my words coming out of her mouth as she counsels newer, younger parents."
 Mrs. G.“I am thrilled to have Learning to Care back in our classroom.  It is a way for parents to visit our school and see the good we are doing in helping the children learn about themselves and others in a caring compassionate way.”

Project Child needs your support!

    $41    will provide 4 weeks of parenting classes for 1 parent
    $81    will provide 9 weeks of parenting classes for 1 parent
    $75    will provide one day of  Learning To Care classes to 60 kindergarten students
    $150  will provide one day of Learning To Care classesto 130 kindergarten students
    $100 or more can be a sponsor for our 2018 Annual Conference.

We welcome your involvement!
To make a financial donation, in any amount,  please fill out the form below or send your check to:

Project Child
3400 High Point Blvd
Bethlehem PA 18017

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Project Child is a program of Valley Youth House.